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BMI’s Frequently Asked Questions


How do I preview an apartment with BMI? 

Call 217 390 9900.
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What are your office hours? 

BMI Management’s office is open
Monday through Thursday from 10am to 6pm
Friday through Saturday from 11am to 3pm.
Sunday we are CLOSED.

If we’re not in the office, please call us to setup an appointment to meet.
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How much is the security deposit? 

The security deposit is equal to last month’s rent plus one month of security deposit (equal to the monthly rent amount) in most case. Terms may vary for different apartments.
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When do I pay the security deposit? 

The security deposit is due at the time you sign the a lease with BMI.
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Can I use my security deposit as my last month’s rent? 

Your security deposit is to secure performance of your lease and to cover any damages that you may be responsible for. It CANNOT be used as your last month’s rent.
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How do I request repairs in my apartment? 

Fill out a Maintenance Request form or call our office.
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Can I sublease my apartment? 

Yes, subject to the terms of your lease. It is your responsibility to find a suitable replacement tenant to take over your lease. Please contact our office to find out correct sub-lease procedure and fees that will apply.
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What is the subleasing procedure? 

After you find a sub lessee, do the following:
1) Have the sub lessee(s) fill out a lease application and submit it to the office,

2) Call us with the following information
a) The amount of rent the sub-tenant will be paying and the schedule of the payments;
b) Amount of Security Deposit the sub lessee(s) will pay at the sublease signing. This is for your protection so you are not paying for damages that may occur during the sublease period..
c) The dates the sublease will start and end.
d) The name of the tenant(s) being replaced.
e) Call the office to schedule an appointment to sign the sublease.

3) You, the sub lesse(s), and all of your roommates, if any, will need to sign the sublease agreement.
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Is there a fee for subleasing? 

Yes, There is a half a month rent charge to cover the cost of preparing and executing the documents and our office administration.
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When is my rent due? 

Rent is due on or before the first of every month, from August to July. See your lease for further details.
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Is there a grace period for paying my rent? 

There is a five day grace period. Rent is due on or before the first of every month. If the rent is mailed, it is considered on time if post marked on the 5th. If rent is deposited after the fifth day of the month, late fees will accrue from the first day of the month.
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My rent is going to be late, what should I do? 

Contact us in advance to let us know about your situation. In most cases, if there is prior communication, management will waive the late fees.
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How can I pay my rent? 

We accept cash, personal check, money orders, bank checks and Traveler Checks. We will soon be able to accept credit card payments online.
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Where do I pay my rent? 

You can either pay your rent by mail, or at our office during normal business hours. Never send cash through the mail. Our relationship with Chase Bank now allows you to go to the bank directly to deposit your rent. Call us for more details.
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When and where do I get my keys? 

You can pick up your keys at our office with a previously schedule appointment on the day your lease begins. NO EXCEPTIONS!
If you can’t make it during those hours, please call us to make special arrangements.
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Can one roommate pick up all of the keys? 

Yes, one roommate may sign out the keys for all the roommates with a signed notarized document from the person you are picking the keys up for allowing you permission to do so.
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What do I do if someone parks in my leased space? 

Call the towing company on the RESERVED PARKING SIGN. Make sure you have a copy of your parking lease to show the tow truck driver Towing companies will not remove a car from a space unless you can show that you have rented that space.
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Do you allow pets? 

Special permission can be given for fish and reptiles. We do not allow any birds or mammals, unless otherwise stated and agreed upon in your lease. Note, that you will need to fill out a special pet agreement with every pet.
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Will you store unwanted furniture from my apartment? 

No, BMI Management will make special arrangements for unwanted furniture. Your lease prohibits you from removing furniture from the apartment without consenting with BMI first.
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